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2024 Nominees

Coco Chanel Unbuttoned

Whynow Studios, Fremantle


- Arts & Culture

The team behind Coco Chanel Unbuttoned was composed of women, many over 50, and all united through a love of fashion. The Director Hannah Berryman had always dreamed of making a documentary about Chanel, and on meeting Executive Producer Janet Lee, she found herself with the chance to do it. Not ones to keep the opportunities to themselves, the team employed Imogen Holland as a researcher on the show, and found the time to mentor her throughout the process. She now possesses the skills to be an assistant producer, paving the way for more junior talent to come through and for Imogen to move into a higher position in future productions. On transmission the BBC audience research revealed that the film had attracted a huge female audience, in fact it had 78% more female viewers than an average BBC2 documentary. This dream team created our documentary that resonated with audiences across the globe, and we believe that Coco Chanel herself would have have approved of.