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2024 Nominees

When Comedians Encounter Hakka

Hakka TV


- Comedy & Variety

"When Comedians Encounter Hakka" aims to help the younger generation identify with and pass down the Hakka language, which is predicted to vanish in Taiwan within the next 40 years. At the same time, it seeks to shed long-standing social stereotypes attached to the Hakka community: stingy, low-key, conservative, traditional, and even lacking a sense of humor. We have decided to completely flip these views using the live comedy show format! Accordingly, we have invited Taiwan’s hottest new-generation comedy groups to package traditional Hakka culture using various elements of Eastern and Western comedy. Through their comedic performances, from humorous narratives to satire, the audience can get to know Hakka with laughter, bridging the gap between the younger generation and Hakka culture.