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2024 Nominees

Good Morning Chuck (or the Art of Harm Reduction) (Bon matin Chuck (ou l’art de réduire les méfaits)

C3 Media, St-Laurent TV


- Drama Series: Non-English Language

Beloved morning show host Chuck makes headlines after a scandal involving his drug addiction erupts. He reluctantly checks into rehab to salvage his reputation and relationships, despite believing he doesn't really need it. Bon matin Chuck (ou l’art de réduire les méfaits) is co-directed and co-written by Jean-François Rivard (Happily Married), Sarianne Cormier (Les Vestiges), and Patrick Dupuis (Punch Club). It stars Nicolas Pinson (Les Invincibles) as Chuck alongside Chantal Fontaine (Happily Married) as Marie, Sylvain Marcel (19-2) as Lionel, Bernard Fortin (Providence) as Gilles, Benz Antoine (The Expanse and V-Wars) as Joseph B. Jean, Kevin Owens (WWE Superstar), and Marilyn Castonguay (Happily Married) as Lucie.