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Chandrayaan-3 Live

NGC Network India


- Science & Technology

National Geographic India's LIVE show on the landing of Chadrayaan-3 Vikram lander was a truly unique show on a day when all news channels were bringing this historic event live to a country of 1.4 billion people looking to the moon. National Geographic not only had an anchor-led live studio show hosted by the popular anchor Gaurav Kapoor and space expert Srijan Pal Singh, but also GFX packages on the moon, on the Vikram lander and its significance, re-enacted stories of the history of the Indian Space Research organization and its mavericks, and live feed of India's national TV broadcaster tracking the moon mission, and many exciting live guests such as astronauts Sunita Williams, Chris Hadfield and the first Indian space Rakesh Sharma, and producer of Cosmos series and wife of Carl Sagan Ann Druyan.