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The Great Pottery Throw Down

Love Productions


- Competition Series & Game Shows

The Great Pottery Throw Down is a warm, encouraging and emotionally rich challenge show focusing on everything beautiful about clay. It brings the messy and marvellous world of pottery to life, in a successful TV format. It embraces the inherent jeopardy of making ceramics from the precarious firing process to the wondrous alchemy of glazes, expertly introducing the nation to the passion and drama of turning lumps of clay into beautiful objects of art. Across 10 episodes, 12 of the country’s most talented home potters take on different challenges such as: A birthday party crockery set; garden gnomes; animal table lamps; and abstract self-sculptures to name just a few. Each challenge is designed to test a different discipline of pottery and is a perfect opportunity for the amateur potters to open up and tell us more about themselves. This is an inspiring watch full of character, amazing talents and beautiful pieces of pottery, where the only mudslinging is when the clay hits the wheel