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Junior Bake Off

Love Productions


- Competition Series & Game Shows

Bringing Junior Bake Off to air is a year-long process, as one series broadcasts, online applications open for the next. In Jan 2022, the sum total of 6,188 Junior Bakers began the cycle applying in the hope of making it into the tent. A casting team then whittle down applications, before holding two rounds of auditions, held nationwide in April and May. Then a team led by our Food Producer, in consultation with the onscreen judges, create and test the baking challenges our successful Junior Bakers would face. The large production team film during the school holidays in July and August. Then for the remaining months of 2022, a team of editors piece together another series of 15 fantastic episodes of the most heart-warming and entertaining programmes on British television. It’s exactly because of this year long dedication, bringing warmth and happiness to the viewing public, celebrating the incredible baking of such capable, young children, that we believe Junior Bake Off should win.