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Andrew Tate: The Man Who Groomed The World

BBC Current Affairs


- Crime & Investigative

Jamie Tahsin and Matt Shea have been pursuing the truth about Andrew Tate for 3 years. This film was the culmination of that work – and revealed Tate’s fury at their persistance. It revealed the truth about Tate’s paid-for private network, the War Room, the top level of a multi-level marketing scheme. They revealed that a primary purpose of the group is to teach members methods of coercive control to groom vulnerable women into online sex work. From leaked messages they were able to find at least 46 potential victims, two of whom explained on camera how they were groomed, abused, and exploited by senior members of the War Room. The film also revealed a hitherto unknown figure called Iggy Semmelweis to be the ideological brains behind the Tate organisation. They track him down and confront him on camera in LA. Their findings suggests that Tate is simply a sophisticated marketing tool used by Semmelweis, to sell a method of abuse to men around the world.