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2024 Nominees

Wild Hope

HHMI Tangled Bank Studios, Part2 Pictures, Wild Elements, Off the Fence BV, APT


- Environmental & Wildlife

From the start, Wild Hope was intended not just to be a television series, but a catalyst for impact. By profiling the work of changemakers around the globe, its stories might call attention to their cause, provide them with materials useful to their work, or even spark others to pick up the mantle. This episode highlights the work of two such innovative leaders: Natalia Greene, who helped lead the fight to enshrine the rights of nature in Ecuador’s constitution, and Callie Broaddus, who sparked the creation of the world’s first youth-funded nature reserve. The two women met by collaborating on the film. In the months since production wrapped, they've continued to work together with local partners to defend the reserve from the advancing threat of several multinational mining companies. Already, there are some signs of progress—and over 1000 new acres of primary forest to soon be added to bolster its long term security.