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2024 Nominees

The Sixth Commandment

Wild Mercury Productions, True Vision


- Limited Series

The Sixth Commandment has been widely praised by UK reviewers as one of the most brilliant dramas of 2023, with The Guardian listing it as number 9 on ‘The 50 best TV shows of 2023’ list. The Guardian said ‘ This flawless drama sees Timothy Spall put in the best performance of his career. It is a masterclass in respectful true-crime TV that rewrites the rules of the entire genre’. It was singled out for being far superior to most other true crime dramas, with its emotional focus on the victims, not the killer. The reaction has been truly overwhelming, profoundly affecting people of all ages and backgrounds, with huge viewing figures and a raft of 5-star reviews. It has been described as “delicate, thoughtful, compassionate, riveting, telling” (Mail on Sunday), “beautiful and devastating” (Financial Times) and “as immaculate a piece of television as you will ever see” (The Guardian).