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2024 Nominees

Mark Cavendish: Never Enough

Pitch Productions, Netflix


- Sports Documentary

Mark Cavendish: Never Enough is about mental health, loss, resilience, identity and family. When Mark crosses the finishing line to win his first Tour de France stage in five years at the end of the film, we understand the emotional journey that he and his family have undergone. As The Times said, ‘even if cycling isn’t your passion, this film is edge-of-you-seat-stuff.’ Mark is a unique sporting protagonist – raw, honest, reflective but also stubborn and difficult. He needed convincing that a film on the worst five years of his life would be more instructive than a greatest hits reel. But he wanted an honest portrayal so we refused to play down his difficult relationship with the press, team managers and even his own family. We resisted the urge to present him as a hero against the world in a sporting hagiography. We feel the film is both a celebration of a true great of road cycling and an elegiac reflection upon Mark’s decline and resurrection.