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2024 Nominees

Saïd & Anna

Phanta Basta, Indi Film, EO, SWR, VRT


- Live Action: Children

Saïd & Anna is a funny and heartwarming series of two children in a place of unlimited possibilities, a repair shop, powered by a deep friendship. The live-action pre-school series celebrates children’s autonomy and approaches important topics as sustainability and diversity in an authentic and imaginative way for its young, developing audience. Following the premise of the series “Everything and everyone deserves a second chance. Nothing is beyond repair.”, each episode emphasizes that everyone is valuable and everyone is equal. The series is an unique international coproduction at heart for 3 TV channels involved with an authentic style and cinematic feel, offering original and high quality content for young audiences, with international appeal. The series had it’s world premiere at the Cinekid Filmfestival 2023 in the Netherlands and was successfully launched at the MIPJUNIOR in the same year where it gained notoriety and attention by many territories.