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2024 Nominees

Inside the Statue Wars

Saloon Media, Blue Ant Media


- Social Issues & Current Affairs

Macdonald. Ryerson. Victoria. For some they are among the great heroes and nation-builders of Canada, but to many others they are imperialists, racists, and criminals who should be pulled from their pedestals and purged from public spaces. Inside the Statue Wars delves into the fascinating, high stakes, nationwide battle over our public memorials and statues. From students toppling and beheading a statue of Egerton Ryerson, to protestors tearing down statues of Queen Victoria, Queen Elizabeth, and Captain James Cook, to memorials of John A. Macdonald removed by citizens and city officials, we are living through a massive re-evaluation of our past. Presenting perspectives from all sides, we hear from the key players on the front lines. Inside the Statue Wars dives into the events that started the battle, revisits the most dramatic topplings from the recent past and looks at controversial statues still standing to explore what comes next.