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2024 Nominees


WOWOW, NHK Enterprises


- Limited Series

I (producer TAKAESU) was born and raised in Futenma, Ginowan City, Okinawa Prefecture. On the ground, a fence separates Okinawa from the military base, while in the air, helicopters and warplanes flying above is a daily occurrence. I only realized that wasn’t normal after moving to Tokyo. When I became a drama producer, I knew I had to depict the “true Okinawa” in a future work. That is how Fence came to be. When I first read Akiko Nogi’s script, I felt so grateful. She wanted to spread the word of today’s Okinawa and its problems through entertainment. I wanted to thank her as an Okinawan for her determination and kindness. This series portrays the human relationships that cross over “fences” such as race, gender, the relationship between Okinawa and the mainland, and the relationship between Japan and America. This is a work that speaks to not just Japan, but the world.