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- Best Use of Music in a Series

"White Nights” (Episode 107) is one of eight beautifully conceived and riveting episodes in Hawk and Tim’s story. Spanning 4 decades over the eight episodes, the musical collaboration amongst the showrunner/Series creator, Ron Nyswaner, the genius editors and myself was thoughtful and fluid. The 79 songs, a combination of existing music and cover recordings for the 1950s speakeasy “Cozy Corner”, were chosen carefully to help support the storylines. Alongside the songs, Paul Leonard-Morgan composed stunning, dramatic and emotional score. Set mainly on Fire Island in the 1970s, "White Nights” details Hawk’s downward spiral but eventual reclamation. Music is beautifully edited to various scenes by editor Chris Donaldson. This Series is one of few that I am most proud of and I feel honoured and humbled to have to worked on"