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2020 Winner

Lost in Traplanta

ARTE France, Resistance Films, RTBF, Temps Noir


Scripted - Web Fiction

Lost in Traplanta is the first webseries that resembles Borat in its style; a documentary comedy that takes place in the US Rap world, illustrating an overall picture of Atlanta, the New Mecca of this genre of music, through the eyes of a clumsy and poorly informed French guy. Because yes, Larry is a bumbling investigator, without a doubt the worst possible person to find OutKast... But, through his accidents, blunders and the way he repeatedly takes the wrong track, he becomes the ideal guide to reveal the Atlanta music scene, criss-crossing the city, from the threshold of the current Trap scene to the vestiges of the Dungeon Family – the name given to the musical collective specializing in Southern hip hop with heavy funk and soul influences, from which Outkast comes. Step by step, Larry meets different players on the Atlanta Rap scene; introducing us to the city’s musical and political history, the evolution of southern rap, its influences, and the specificities of trap music.