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2020 Winner

Gentleman Jack

BBC, HBO, Lookout Point


Scripted - Drama Series: English Language

From award-winning writer Sally Wainwright, and led by a masterful Suranne Jones, Gentleman Jack brings Anne Lister to life with a rich, mischievous flavour unlike any other period drama. Shot in Anne’s actual home, it is a colourful, expectation-defying vision of 19th century Yorkshire and a groundbreaking example of queer inclusivity on prime-time TV. The show's huge and passionate fan base demonstrates how widely Anne’s story has resonated. By introducing the world to a woman who had such a healthy, confident relationship with her sexuality, and who dared to defy the conventions of the 1830's to pursue the happiness she believed she deserved, Gentleman Jack is not just entertainment, but a piece of drama that has changed people’s lives.