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2020 Winner

Who Are You Calling Fat?

BBC, Love Productions


Arts & Entertainment - Reality: Docusoap & Docuseries

Obesity is rarely out of the headlines- the national epidemic is killing 30,000 British people a year. After years of TV weight loss shows it was time to do something different and really listen to the people involved. In a beautiful house in the English countryside, a dedicated and talented self-shooting crew filmed around the clock for 10 days, to document a divide that’s growing in the discussion about obesity. The body positive contributors, proud of their fat bodies debated with those who feel deep shame about their size. Scientific expert visitors brought insight into the medical risks and genetic causes of obesity. It struck a chord with viewers and sparked an important debate about the emerging Body Positivity movement and its inference that being bigger carries few health risks. Viewers felt outraged, concerned and empathetic. Not only did we get people talking, we got people listening.