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2020 Winner

Employable Me

Accessible Media Inc., all3media, Thomas Howe Associates Inc.


Arts & Entertainment - Lifestyle

The series features two job seekers in each episode with physical disabilities or neurological conditions who have been out of the job market for a long time, and desperately want to find employment. Our subjects are determined to prove that having a physical disability or a neurological condition like Tourette Syndrome, Autism Spectrum Disorder, or Vision Loss, should not make them unemployable.  Each hour-long episode features two gifted individuals as they struggle to overcome the challenges of their condition, change employers’ perceptions and land a coveted job.   “Employable Me” will deliver a range of bold, emotional, and personal stories with real purpose in which featured individuals will be judged in terms of what they can do, rather than prejudged in terms of what their challenges are.   Heart breaking and humorous; surprising and powerfully life affirming, “Employable Me” is genuinely life cha