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2020 Winner

Peppa Pig

ABC, Entertainment One, Gaston’s Cave


Children & Youth - Pre-School

Peppa Pig is a British preschool animated TV series co-produced by Entertainment One and animation studio Astley Baker Davies. The show is loved by audiences all around the world for its wholesome and relatable tales of family life which are underpinned by critically acclaimed script writing, animation technique and a great sense of humour! Its simplicity, depiction of everyday first experiences and the reassuring warmth and humour of Peppa’s family and friends are the key to its global success. Whether it’s going to playgroup, learning how to make a cake or feeding the ducks, all episodes share family and friend-oriented stories in a light and funny way, which help children explore and expand their understanding of their own world through Peppa Pig. The characters’ personalities and traits enrich the short form narratives and generate a likeability which transcends the 5-minute episodes, which are the perfect length for simple but engaging storylines to entertain pre-schoolers.