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2021 Winner

Filthy Rich & Homeless

Blackfella Films


- Docuseries

Filthy Rich & Homeless is one of the most successful and significant factual programs produced in Australia. Both series one and two have been amongst the most watched series on SBS in recent times, creating a social media frenzy, a mass of positive press coverage and widespread critical acclaim. Vitally, the series inspired social, attitudinal and emotional change amongst the audience. SBS conducted a mini survey through its Exchange Panel to assess behavioural change in viewers who watched series two. More than two out of three viewers (68%) said they did at least one of the following in response to watching the program: changed their behaviour towards the homeless, donated food, donated clothing, volunteered to help those experiencing homelessness. Our aim with this third season is to raise the bar even higher in terms of the public’s awareness, and to raise the impact the season has on influencing those with the power to bring about genuine and real change.