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2021 Winner

Killing Eve

Sid Gentle Films Limited


- Drama Series: English Language

Villanelle and Eve’s connection has evolved from a cat and mouse game to an obsession and the core of the show’s success has been the dynamic, sensitive and often hilarious performances of our leads - Sandra Oh and Jodie Comer. From the start Killing Eve is a show with a distinctive tone and attitude - it feels at once effortlessly stylish and yet maintains a real, tangible world of consequences where friends and colleagues could be taken from us at any moment. The production team did a remarkable job of balancing those two briefs. Season 3 has been lauded by critics as “juicy and entertaining and shocking and stylish as always” (The Observer) and “fresh, lean and zippy” (The Times). Audiences love it too with the first episode of season 3 being the most watched episode of any programme on BBC iPlayer in 2020 (with a huge 7.44 million requests). The success of Killing Eve has been phenomenal and season 3 has received eight Emmy nominations and a Golden Globe nomination.