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2021 Winner

Where Is George Gibney?

Second Captains, BBC Sounds


- Podcast: Non-Fiction

Where Is George Gibney? is a ten-part podcast series - the culmination of a two-and-a-half year investigative project - centred on the survivors of sexual abuse by former Olympic swimming coach George Gibney. The podcast has led to survivors coming forward and a new criminal investigation into Gibney being opened by police in November 2020. Guardian writers voted it one of the best podcasts globally in 2020 saying: “Unlike a lot of true crime, the focus is skewed towards the survivors and their stories, which makes it seem a lot more valuable than some of the gore-centric entities of the genre”. The New York Times ran the headline "True-Crime Podcast Puts Spotlight on Irish Coach Accused of Abuse” "it’s vital and compelling. I was riveted throughout" - Miranda Sawyer, The Observ “Heart- stopping …sure to set a new benchmark for the genre”- Irish Times “Undoubtedly the podcast event of the year …an enthralling, inspirational and harrowing investigation" Sunday