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2022 Winner

Tiny World

Plimsoll Productions


- Environmental & Wildlife

From it's first conception Tiny World always intended to be an ambitious project for a new broadcaster. Commissioned before Apple TV+ had launched the production team had to match the bold ambition of the new streamer. With no frame of reference except the words "to surprise and delight the audience" from the commissioner Plimsoll Productions began one of the most ambitious natural history series ever made. This wasn't going to be a traditional blue chip. The producers were tasked with re-inventing the natural history genre. Putting story and character front and centre of each episode. Focusing on one 'precinct' the directors didn't have the luxury of moving from place to place to feature engaging behaviour. They had to find the locations which gave the best stories. What this did allow for was an interplay between characters which is rarely seen in this type of programme.