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2022 Winner

CBC Kids Tokyo 2020 Olympic Website

CBC Kids, Hypersurge


- Interactive: Children (0-10)

CBC Kids award-winning Olympic Games website, is packed with videos, activities, quizzes, blog posts and fun, comprehensive explainers for each of the 50+ sports and competitions in the summer Olympics. Plus, a ton of fascinating facts about the host country Japan. Kids can play five brand new Olympics-themed games including surfing, mountain biking, skateboarding, tennis and athletics, and watch the GARY LEARNS video series, where Studio K’s Gary the Unicorn talks to athletes to better understand their sports. Additionally, the popular digital series ACCORDING TO KIDS returns with all-new episodes providing a hilarious look at what real kids think the Olympic Games is all about. Plus, kids can tune in to watch CBC Kids News brand-new series KN EXPLAINS, where Abigail Dove and Arjun Ram break down an Olympic topic, event or moment that everyone is talking about.