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2022 Winner

Miracle Fishing: Kidnapped Abroad

Three-three-four, XTR, Kilometric Productions, Discovery+


- Crime & Investigative

MIRACLE FISHING is the only documentary to date that pulls back the curtain and lets an audience actually watch a family as they navigate the nightmarish world of kidnap and ransom. This is the side of the story that nobody ever gets to see: the family as they wait in the unknown. And it is directed, shot, and edited by one of the people who lived it. The end result is a film that makes the viewer feel that they are sitting right there with the family, feeling every emotion, witnessing every detail, never knowing what the outcome will be. When they hope, you hope alongside them. When they despair, you despair with them. And when they rejoice, you share in the elation, almost as if a member of the team.