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2022 Winner


The Forge, Channel 4, All3Media International


- Feature Length Film

Sarah has few qualifications and few prospects in life. But she finds confidence, unexpectedly, working in a care home. She forms an unlikely bond with a care home resident living with young onset dementia, Tony. But when the Covid-19 pandemic hits, her character and their relationship are put to the test under horrifying circumstances. From multi-award-winning writer Jack Thorne, Help is a highly topical story about friendship and how far someone will go to protect a person they love. On the genesis of the show, Jack Thorne explains "Help was written in extreme anger about the state of care - not just in the UK but around the world - and the lack of priority it was given around the world... It started as a provocation from Stephen Graham, write something for me and Jodie, write something about Liverpool. As it grew so we all took authorship of it, and we all grew together, inspired by the first hand stories we were hearing. I am immensely proud of what we all made."