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2022 Winner

Have You Heard George's Podcast?

BBC Sounds, BBC Radio 5 Live, George the Poet


- Podcast: Non-Fiction

Lauded by the New Yorker and the New York Times, Chapter 2 made podcast history when it became the first podcast outside of the US to win a Peabody Award. The scope and ambition of Chapter 3 is just as extraordinary, with George’s train of thought taking listeners on a journey through Black music and how it intersects with society and culture. In a podcast first, the BBC Concert Orchestra recorded producer Benbrick's score at the iconic Abbey Road Studios during lockdown. George also created an interactive platform to accompany the series called Common Ground allowing listeners to feedback on each episode. Chief audio critic for The Guardian, Miranda Sawyer said: "George the Poet's experimental, personal yet political show has manoeuvred itself into the audio mainstream. This is despite it being a natural outlier ...Even now, most podcasts take radio programmes as their structural standard. Have You Heard… is more eclectic, detailed, free-flowing. A musical listen."