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2023 Winner

Prehistoric Planet

BBC Studios Natural History Unit, Apple TV+, Golem Creations


- Environmental & Wildlife

Prehistoric Planet is a ground-breaking 5 part docuseries showing life on planet Earth, 66 million years ago. Combining the wildlife storytelling techniques of the BBC’s Natural History Unit with cutting edge photoreal CGI, the series documents life on our planet, dominated by dinosaurs and other long extinct animals. Created to emulate the style of bluechip wildlife programming, the series should give the impression that a team of film makers found the keys to a time machine. In reality, this was a collaboration between world class wildlife film makers at BBC Studios, top Hollywood Producer, Jon Favreau, and the CGI team behind the films Jungle Book and the Lion King. A large team of scientific consultants brought a level of scientific rigour for which the BBC Natural History Unit is renowned . A stunning musical score from Hans Zimmer and the Bleeding Fingers team and evocative narration by the incomparable Sir David Attenborough brings this astonishing world to life.