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2023 Winner

The Big Sex Talk

Noble Television Inc., CBC Gem


- Lifestyle

THE BIG SEX TALK is the creative brainchild of Noble Television’s co-founders, Nabil Mehchi and Frank Fiorito, who saw a unique opportunity to talk about sex and sexuality in an honest, uncensored and sometimes funny way. Armed with the vision of tackling subjects like polyamory, asexuality, and sex and aging, the two worked hand in hand with the CBC to develop the multi-part series at the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic. THE BIG SEX TALK is part explainer series, part litmus test. Each of the six episodes feature a clever mix of commentators, experts, and talking heads – nearly all of whom are Canadian and represent the diverse fabric of our country. The show is the first of its kind to feature data and research about sex and sexuality that is mainly Canadian, something Mehchi and Fiorito were adamant about prioritizing.