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2023 Winner


Avalon Television Ltd


- Comedy & Variety

Well, where do I (have to) begin? The casting was particularly lovely for series 13. I don’t think there are many other shows where comedians are allowed to be the naturally funny people they are without having to battle to get lines in or be amid some sort of contrivance. Judi was incredible from the off, so quick, so silly – such a different take on everything. Ardal was surreal and smart, yet with a hint of dopiness for good Father Dougal measure. He loved to point out faults in other people’s task attempted, all nicely building up to seeing how bad his was. Bridget is a comedian’s comedian and we felt very lucky that she said yes to our show. She gained many fans for being ridiculous and also standing up to Greg – perhaps even dominating him once or twice. And then the two rivals, battling it out neck and neck throughout the series - Sophie and Chris were mega competitive and so hard on themselves when they failed. But the competitiveness led to many brilliant series highlights.