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2024 Winner


Woestijnvis NV


- Docuseries

Jeroom Snelders, Belgium's most famous cartoonist, embarks on a road trip through Canada with his two best friends, comedians Jonas Geirnaert and Bockie De Repper. Their goal is to travel to the most beautiful spot in Canada to scatter the ashes of Jeroom's brother, Boris.When Jeroom was a teen, his older brother Boris was diagnosed with a rare cancer. Boris wanted to travel through Canada once he was cured, but fate had other plans. Now, 25 years later, Jeroom aims to honor his brother with this journey.Despite the emotional story of Jeroom's farewell to his brother, "Boris" is far from a depressing watch. The trio’s hilarious adventures are delicately interwoven with glimpses into Boris' life through conversations with loved ones and mementos shared by Jeroom. Boris' music collection sets the series' tone.The result is a gripping road trip against Canada’s majestic backdrop, a celebration of life, and an ode to brotherhood, bringing viewers to tears of both laughter and emotion.