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2024 Winner

La Mesías

Movistar Plus+, Suma Content


- Drama Series: Non-English Language

As disturbing inspiring. A suspense-driven mystery-thriller that tells the story of Enric and Irene as they live outside their family sect. A brother and her sister who are now far from the reach of their mother, yet not completely free. A dark childhood, unbearable memories and a toxic relationship with their mom are part of their past, from which they can't escape. With an unconventional narrative structure, different perspectives and flashbacks, this is the story of how music and art provide a means to escape from terror. Starring Lola Dueñas and Carmen Machi (regular actresses in Almodovar's films), this series is from the talented duo Javier Ambrossi and Javier Calvo (creators of Paquita Salas on Netflix and Veneno on HBO US)