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2024 Winner

Otto Baxter: Not A F**ing Horror Story

Story Films, Archface Films


- Arts & Culture

Two BAFTA winning filmmakers follow their close friend, a man with Down Syndrome, through a year of change as he writes and directs his first film; an allegorical horror biopic set in Victorian London charting the life of a monster baby on the rocky path to escape incarceration and become his own master. Otto has recently experienced bereavement and family health scares that have forced him to think about mortality for the first time. Otto has always turned to films to make sense of the world. Through the writing and directing process, he finds the vocabulary to process his past and imagine his uncertain future. He tackles his demons head on, with a riotous sense of humour. Otto’s extraordinary upbringing has meant his life has played out on camera. This rich archive will be blended with drama and present day footage, to intimately tell the compelling story of Otto and his family, placing it firmly in the context of the UK’s evolving attitudes to disability over his lifetime.