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Scandalous: Phone Hacking on Trial

BBC Current Affairs


- Crime & Investigative

This is the story Britain’s biggest newspaper groups didn’t want you to see. For over a decade they have tried everything to make the public believe that the phone hacking scandal ended in 2012 with the closure of the News of the World. The team wanted to go further than any media organisation so far in detailing the evidence that has led to The Sun paying hundreds of thousands to settle phone hacking and other unlawful intrusion cases. NGN vehemently deny that anything of this sort took place at The Sun but his film was determined to demonstrate that this position is now subject to serious and repeated questions. This film also told the story of the allegations of unlawful information gathering by The Daily Mail – allegations that they have vehemently denied. Featuring interviews with claimants including Sienna Miller, Hugh Grant and Steve Coogan, it is the most comprehensive examination so far of a dark and troubled part of Britain’s media history.