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2024 Winner

Out of the Shadows: Born from Rape

BBC News, BBC World Service 100 Women


- Short Form Non-Fiction Series

Praised by critics as groundbreaking, Out of the Shadows is a deeply personal short film that tackles the taboo of rape conception head on. Sensitively told through the eyes of Sammy Woodhouse, who gave birth to her son after she was raped as a child, it explores complex questions of identity and belonging. Determined to break the stigma and confront questions no one dares ask, Sammy goes on a journey to meet other mothers and children born from rape. She uncovers heartbreaking stories of love and pain that have stayed hidden for decades. Together, they are ready to throw off the shame of being born from rape, and finally be heard. The film was translated into multiple languages, and touched audiences worldwide with its brave and unflinching testimony, and story of human resilience and hope. This Rockies Award nomination adds to the film’s critical acclaim, including its nomination for the Association for International Broadcasting Awards alongside the best documentaries of the year.